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48: Two Salmon Poets; Trump Rant

May 12, 2022 Peter Sirr and Enda Wyley
Books for Breakfast
48: Two Salmon Poets; Trump Rant
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Three poetry collections on the breakfast table today ... We begin with Stars Burn Regardless by Jean O'Brien and Moonlight: A Full Moon by  Louise C. Callaghan, both published by Salmon Poetry.  Of Jean's book Mark Roper has said 'These poems rise to their occasion, they are tough, tender, generous, passionate and deeply engaged — I cannot recommend Stars Burn Regardless highly enough.' Thomas McCarthy has written of Louise's book: 'Here is this marvellous poet of elegies and celebrations, seasons and servants, of boarding school and trundling foreign journeys. Louise C. Callaghan has a keen eye for detail and a poet’s gifted ear.'

And where is satire when you need it? Chris Agee's Trump Rant is a visceral response to Donald Trump,  'a combination of long-form radicalism and eclectic satire, startingly unique in its blend of aphorism, acuity and epic cultural imagining.' Brew up a big pot of tea or coffee, get the toast on and listen to what these poets have to say ....

Intro/outro music: Colm Mac Con Iomaire, ‘Thou Shalt Not Carry’ from The Hare’s Corner, 2008, with thanks to Colm for permission to use it.

Artwork by Freya Sirr

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